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LISTEN NOW!  WATCH FULL PROGRAM! As America watches protestors fill the streets across America and some of the college campuses in response to President Elect Trump’s victory, it causes one to look at the many accurate prophetic words that the late John Paul Jackson revealed would come to pass. John Paul Jackson was periodically given prophetic encounters where he would see the top half of a newspaper revealing only the headline and sometimes the beginning words of what he was being shown. We have already seen some of these words come to pass and are about to see many more of them come to pass as well.

On more than occasion, people have discussed the growing financial crisis in America. Jackson addresses this as he shares the first headline. “Too big to fail Fails. “Nation’s Bank” being pushed.” As many are wanting to focus on the needed repairs inside America, it may be good to consider this next headline. “Decay in America. Is the infrastructure of America beyond repair?”

As we have seen protests mounting in America for a myriad of reasons, these next few headlines address these realities. “Washington D.C. riots continue.” Another, “Record set for number of cities with riot curfews”. And, “Martial Law to be extended for 30 more days.”

Some have brought attention to the relationships between North America and South America and they may look again as Jackson points out this next headline. “New United America being pushed – Canada, Mexico, USA in talks.” The economic collapse that has consumed Venezuela will eventually reach America. “Food prices lead nations’ escalating inflation woes” and “Sysco Co and Kraft considers guards on delivery trucks as food nears 40% of the family budget”. Yet still another, “Big regulations hit small banks”.

In America, we often forget just how blessed we are. Our poorest person is richer than 70% of the world’s population. As we look at just a handful of the headlines that John Paul Jackson shared, we can take the time to prepare now. Imagine if grocery stores were closed for 90 days. What would you do?  Wisdom would be to have a 90-day stock of food and water to peacefully and calmly endure that time line. See all the headlines that John Paul Jackson shared as you are deeply informed and educated about the coming days, and so much more. Also, shared in this segment: Israel, drought, cyber-attack, political parties, military cuts, nuclear disasters, NFL, GPS, North Pole, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Mecca, Navy, and the Mississippi River. Greg and Steve shared in this segment. 
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