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Hide & Seek!

Revival, Jesus Revolution 


I remember playing hide and seek as a child. It was a fun and easy game. We would turn our faces against a tree or in a corner if we were in the house and count to a certain number. Everyone would scatter like rabbits looking for a place to hide. As the count got closer and closer to the end where you would start looking, many would panic and pick a not-so-good place to hide. It was so fun finding everyone or hiding and waiting. Sometimes I would just start laughing as I hid and waited for them to find me because I knew I would scare them and they would be startled. 

There were also times when you played with people who could hide really well. Looking back, I bet they must have thought about “how they could hide when they played hide and seek” all the time and planned it out. They would probably have a YouTube channel today telling people “How to hide where they can never find you in Hide & Seek.” Everyone would get tired of looking for those that hid like this and would eventually just stop playing the game. 

Did you know that God, in a similar way, likes to play hide and seek with us? He will conceal Himself or a matter just so we can search for Him. Solomon explains it really well in Song of Solomon how the bride desperately went out to find her Beloved Who had gone from her chambers. He was just there; the room smelled like the Bridegroom, but now he is gone. She did not say “Oh well”; no, she ran after Him. She was not going to give up. Guess what? She found Him! God does not hide from us in a way we cannot find Him; He hides in a way to see IF WE WILL GO LOOK FOR HIM! 

When God shows up, most people do not even care. Others care, but they are not willing to stop their lives for Him. But there are those who rejoice and run after Him because their Beloved Bridegroom Jesus has shown Himself. Then He pulls back just to see, will we come after Him? Will we believe Him for more? 

“It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings.” Proverbs 25:2 

“I will get up and roam the city, searching in all its streets and squares. I will search for the One I love.” So, I searched everywhere but did not find Him. The watchmen stopped me as they made their rounds, and I asked, “Have you seen The One I love?” Then scarcely had I left them when I found My Love!” Song of Solomon 3:2-4. You see, it is not about hiding where we cannot find Him, but pulling away to see if we will come after Him, our Beloved. 

“You are a chosen people. You are royal priests, a holy nation, God’s very own possession.” 1 Peter 2:9 

Our Beloved has shown Himself at Asbury University just as He said He would to me and many others. He has shown His glory. He told me, “It will be the 70’s again!”  In the 1970’s God’s glory covered the earth and shocked the nations and the “established church.”  He was the One Who was and still is in charge.   

Now it is for us to go after Him and seek Him while He might be found! Isaiah 55:6.  

I want to encourage you to be the one who seeks the Lord, His presence, His glory. Many will show up after He has come, but few will seek Him with anticipation like the bride in the Song of Solomon, knowing that He will show up and pour out His glory upon us. You will have to fight against being caught up in distractions and the demands of others who want to distract you with nonsense. You may encounter abuse from others who are driven by darkness to keep you from finding Him, just as the bride did in the Song of Solomon. You will have to fight the spirit of this age oppression, depression, distraction, tunnel vision including the temptation to look back at Sodom and Gomorrah as it is being judged by God.  You may look foolish in the eyes of those who do not believe in God, but it is only His eyes that matter. “I will not rest until I find my Beloved,” declared the bride in the Song of Solomon. 

God is the only answer to today’s serious, global, and rebellious problems. He is getting ready to make that last trumpet call to bring His Son’s Bride home, where we will meet Him in the air. Get, get, get, get ready, get ready, get ready, Jesus is coming!  

We had prayed for and believed in revival at Brownsville, but we had no idea that Father’s Day 1995 would be the moment God began to pour out His glory. If someone had asked us what revival was, we would not have been able to tell you.  We would have said something, but the truth is, we were ignorant about how our God loves us and desired to pour out His glory presence.  Steve Hill knew God would show up, we did not.  Steve Hill wanted us to stay so he could pray, we wanted to leave at the time we always did.  But Steve Prayed and God Came in like a flood of His glory sweeping us off our feet.  Yes we still walked, talked and worked, but it was like we were floating and focused only on our Beloved as we did.   When He showed up, then and only then, could we explain what revival is.  Revival is God showing up, period!  It is God!   

“There is something about believing in God that will cause Him to pass over a million people to be with the one who believes in Him.” – Smith Wigglesworth. 

Will you believe in Him? Will you believe in Him for more of His glory? Will you go after Him and seek Him while He may be found? 

I encourage you to allow the song “Revival’s in The Air” to sink down into your spirit until you declare it, decree it, and expect it! He is looking back to see if we will not be satisfied without Him!  I have attached two version of Revival’s in the Air: one with lyrics and one with a life 

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