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Rapper, Wealthy Drug Dealer Comes to God and Leaves his former life for NEW LIFE


LISTEN NOW! As a young man, Mark Outing had a desire and a dream to achieve the big life of stardom in the music industry. “The desire to succeed was at such a high rate that I would of sold my soul to get to the top.” Surrounded by the music, lights, money, houses, and cars, Mark thought he had arrived at his destination. “But then I’m laying in bed at night. It’s me and my conscious and my conscious is saying ‘this is not well’. And me thinking, ‘let me go buy something’, I’ll buy a Porsche, and I’d get excited for a week but it wouldn’t leave me alone till I realize something wasn’t right. There was a problem”.  Outing shares the driving hunger that ultimately kept getting his attention, “The thought of not being satisfied just wouldn’t go away.”


When Outing began his search, he ultimately found himself on the receiving end of the truth within the message of Jesus Christ. He didn’t like the reality that he found himself in. “My true condition is that I was not right with God. That’s scary.” Outing continues to share how he responded to his own reality. With this in mind, there is one important truth to understand; The Lord can save you no matter where you are. Watch Mark’s full testimony and be refreshed with the truth that you can respond to God right now, just like Mark Outing did, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: drugs, cars, fame, success, fulfillment, conviction, repentance, and salvation. Greg and John shared in this segment.
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