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Jesus told us, the Church, to go into all the nations to make disciples, Matthew 28:19, Jesus said to His disciples, Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.” Bill Bright, with Campus Crusade, shared some great insight on our culture and broke it down into seven spheres of culture, which can be called mountains. And these Mountains of Culture can be found in every nation! God has called us to make disciples in each mountain and we call each mountain: Government, Family, Business, Media, Religion(Faith), Education, and Arts and Entertainment. It seems that there is much darkness in every part of our culture.

When there are true disciples in each mountain then people who are actually doing what God has called us to do will transform their mountain and as true disciples are raised up each mountain will become healthy again. We may not be called to change the world, but we are meant to win the world to Jesus Christ by sharing the Good News, one by one, to those around us in our daily lives. America was founded by people who had a desire to follow God. America is based on all our rights coming from God. We need to ask God how we can impact each mountain of culture and how to impact the mountain we are currently in. At VFN Kingdom Business, VFNKB, we have mountain meetings to help you learn to impact your mountain and you can also stand with VFNKB and partner with us to help impact each mountain and the world! We want to hear from you and what you think about these mountains of culture. Also shared in this segment: VFNtv, Marriage, media, entertainment, business, integrity, Bill Bright, discipleship, Constitution, 1st Amendment, and Judeo-Christian Values. Greg shared in this segment.

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7 Mountains of Culture
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